Kids for Rainforest

Did you know that there are 750 species of birds in the rainforest? Some interesting birds and animals: 

  • One very endangered species of birds in the rainforest is a Blue Spix Macaw. They are endangered due to logging.
  • There is 1 species of Boto in the rainforest. A Boto is like a dolphin, but is more flexible so it can swim through the twisty turns in the Amazon River.
  • In the Amazon rainforest there were only 200 Golden lion Tamarins!! But after protecting them the numbers are rising!
  • There is nothing more built for the rainforest than the tree frog. It is green, has sticky toe pads and is very small. 

Blue Spix macaw

boto - Pink river dolphins


Golden lion tamarin

Tree frog

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Can we imagine a world where these colorful animals and birdsarenot there ?