Kids for Rainforest

  • Many species are being endangered by humans due to logging.
  • Logging is a process where people cut the trees in the rainforest down.
  • About half of the world's tropical forests have been cleared
  • Forest loss contributes between 6 percent and 12 percent of annual global carbon dioxide emissions
  • About 36 football fields worth of trees lost every minute

Deep in the Rainforest, the trees are dying

Let us save the Rainforest

  • Learn about the rainforest
  • Re-use, re-duce and re-cycle! Don’t pollute
  • Put up signs to save the rainforest
  • Raise money to support organizations that are working to protect the rainforests
  • Don’t eat or use products which are made from cutting down the rainforest such as eat palm oil products. Many chocolates are made from palm oil

Imagine pets, humans, plants and wild animals not living anymore because the rainforests are being chopped down.

Our future depends on the rainforests. If we just cut it all down quick we will go extinct!

We can save the rainforests if we try!